And the winner is…

March 5, 2010 audreyhepburnfan

And the winner is…

Infinity World

by Cipherqueen

Dedicated to Steven J. Padilla

Sometimes the world just hits you. Like when you wake up and find a pumpkin leaning against your forehead and dismiss it as normal- three months after Halloween. Your brain changes to adopt the rapid-fire way of life, the stop-flip-turn-SPLAT! from one day to the next. Yet, every so often, you stop and blink at the wall, laughing as you watch the mobs of people below marching in straight, ordered lines. Wouldn’t that be boring, you think to yourself as you stand and adjust the watch on your left wrist. Below, the mob chants;
“Infinity of Victory,
Infinity our land,
Infinity ‘till we retreat,
At Infinity we will disband!”
This is my life. I turn away from the window and button my sweater, lined with different devices from the Mechanist. It’s a miracle they haven’t found her yet. It’s a miracle they haven’t found any of us Denyers, really, with the Citizen III army patrolling every nook and cranny. Below, a man dressed in red races down the street.
“Find the Denyers! The capital has released information that points to this area as their hideout! Begin the search!”
I recall those words from the very first day I met the Mechanist. They know, she had whispered to me. Further explanations were short- that the Denyers were clones of famous people, and the only ones that thought outside of infinity, the only ones that could see the truth.
I turned twenty-five three days ago, four weeks after I met with the Mechanist for the first time. Honestly, though, I don’t entirely trust her. It takes a lot of nerve to take on the entire state and try to undermine century-old traditions without batting an eye, and from the rumors I’ve gathered she isn’t what she appears to be. Then again, neither am I.
The woman I was cloned as went by the name Catherine Hepburn. I go by Cathy- and forged a name for myself in acting, with the nickname ‘Topaz.’ That was expected. My polarity in attitude was not. I’m two completely different people on and off the set- a charming celebrity in one moment, and a cunning tactician the next. The Mechanist expressed that these qualities would be in great demand- but I’m not sure I like the sound of that.
The man in red rings the door below. A shiver runs down my spine, and I take a deep breath. Stay calm, the Mechanist’s words ring in my head again, unbidden. Act natural. That’s your specialty, isn’t it?
I glance at the watch on my wrist, staring at what should be twelve o’clock, only to see the symbol for infinity. Infinite time, infinite chances, infinite fortune- that was how all of the non-Denyers thought, hidden behind their dark glasses. Like everything else, they were supplied by the capital. I glance in the mirror and practice my lines as I envision the guard in front of me; judgmental, questioning. My high heels clack on the tile floor as I fidget, saying the lines in my head. Better to be nervous now, instead of later. There won’t be a director yelling ‘cut’ if I screw up then.
The bell rings, vibrating like a gong throughout the hotel. I send the brush through my hair once more and throw on the studio jacket and fake sunglasses. My ankles give out as I head to the door, throwing me to the ground without mercy. The glasses shatter, my jacket rips, and my nose starts bleeding. Great.
Below, the officer is already speaking, “The capital has requested that the Citizen III Army search this building for any Denyer renegades or unknown substances…”
In a panic, my fingers scramble the broken glass together and use clear tape to replace them. My mind is already adjusting- I’ll play the flustered young woman having a bad morning. Just then my watch starts burning, and I flip it over to see a message from the Mechanist:
Short notice again- that’s how she rolls, I guess. I just hope there’s someone to meet in the basement. Throwing my jacket behind, I climb into the laundry chute and wiggle my way down until I fall into the giant basket at the bottom. From there I take the stairs, run past the heaters, the emergency supplies, and down the ladder to earthquake shelter.
“Hey! I think I heard something down here!” calls another guard. I’m gasping for air as I slide own the last few rungs, then turn and crash straight into the Mechanist. She stares at me with the same green-blue eyes and gives a confident smile. Suddenly I understand why they’ve never found her- she’s free at heart.
“You’re pretty fast. It’s a good thing, too- we need to get moving. Ready?” She challenges me with a tilt of her head.
I nod. “Always.”

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Cipherqueen  |  March 6, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Thank you so much! ;D You rock!

  • 2. Ellie-May  |  April 10, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    This is a really good short story! Congrats, Cipherqueen!

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